I seem to be on a roll with boosters lately. Today was no exception with my pack including Combine Guildmage, Collision // Colossus, and Screaming Shield1. The mythic rare is the star of the show though and something I’ve been hoping to find for quite some time…

Biogenic Ooze

Biogenic Ooze is a 3 Generic ManaGreenGreen 2/2 creature with several important abilities:

  • When it enters the battlefield, it creates a 2/2 ooze token
  • At the beginning of your end step2, put a +1/+1 on every ooze you control
  • 1 Generic ManaGreenGreenGreen: create a 2/2 ooze token

At first this looks like it could be an expensive card to play, especially when it only gives you a couple of 2/2 creatures. By the end of your turn, though, they have become a pair of 3/3 creatures and will only continue growing. That this can create extra oozes is incredible3 especially when you consider you can continuously plunge mana into it as there is no Tap requirement.

It is also very important that the +1/+1 applies to every “ooze” you control as there are currently two other ooze creatures available to you; the legendary “Elf Ooze Wizard”4 Prime Speaker Vannifar and the common level Corrosive Ooze. The Corrosive Ooze is particularly good as it is a 2/2 for 1 Generic ManaGreen that can destroy equipments when blocked; seeing that given a +1/+1 every turn would be particularly nice.

I’ve been excited about this card for a little while and now that I finally have it in my collection I’m definitely going to be building a dooz(e)y5 of a deck around it. Keep an eye out for that this weekend!

  1. Love the flavour text on that one; “Shhh…“ ↩︎

  2. Note that this is specifically your endstep. This is not like Tendershoot Dryad↩︎

  3. I would have expected that there would be a naturally synergistic card to create oozes but no, it’s all on the one card. ↩︎

  4. The creature type reminds me of a bootleg copy of Pokémon Crystal I got in Turkey with a very suspect set of translations; “Mr Pokémon” was called “Mr Elf Man Wizard”. ↩︎

  5. Sorry. ↩︎

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