No new cards today but I did get a fair amount of removal in the form of Get the Point, Consign to the Pit, Scorchmark, and Arrester’s Admonition. There is also a card which I’ve a few good experiences with already:

Dagger Caster

Dagger Caster is a 3 Generic ManaRed 2/3 creature that deals 1 damage to each opponent and 1 damage to all opponent’s creatures when it enters the battlefield.

Whilst the power and toughness are below rate, the ETB trigger is incredibly useful for triggering spectacle which helps you claw back some of that mana. That is how I primarily used this card when I drew it from my first booster during the Ravnica Allegiance pre-release.

Since then, I’ve found it to be particularly useful at killing most tokens1 and dealing with Rat Colony. It is also useful with my favourite ability, enrage, allowing you to do everything from finding a land or untapping a permanent to cloning a raptor or doling out 5 damage should you have the right creatures in play.

Aside from that there isn’t a whole lot more to say about this card. No immediate synergies come to mind beyond using it alongside enrage although I think Forerunner of the Empire is the better choice for the same mana cost. If you’ve got some Blue in your deck then you could try a bounce like Arrester’s Admonition to trigger the effect again although there are likely better uses for your mana.

I did get good use of it when drafting so I can definitely recommend it for that in a Rakdos deck but I’m still not 100% sure on how big a place this has for me in standard. I’m currently experimenting with this in an updated dinosaur deck but I feel like I need more spectacle cards in order for it to earn it’s place.

  1. Especially those frustrating saproling decks which always seem to crop up on Arena. ↩︎

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