An exceptionally good booster pack today including Sunder Shaman, Spire Mangler, Spikewheel Acrobat, and my 2nd foil copy of Storm Strike1. Those all pale into comparison against the 3rd planeswalker2 of the set:

Domri, Chaos Bringer

Domri, Chaos Bringer is a 5 loyalty planeswalker for 2 Generic ManaRedGreen.

  • +1: Add Green or Red to your mana pool; if you spend it on a creature then it gains the riot ability. As we saw with Rhythm of the Wild, riot does stack so if you were to cast a Frenzied Arynx with this mana then you could choose to give it 2 x +1/+1 counters, haste and a +1/+1 counter, or double-haste3. If you have one or more Frenzied Arynx then this suddenly gets very obscene. I love a +1 ability on a planeswalker that is useful beyond just buffing your planeswalker health so this definitely hits the spot for me.

  • -3: Scry 4 and put up to two creature cards from those four cards into your hand. This is another great ability, especially in colours that typically don’t get to peek ahead in library very often4. Bear in mind that your typical Gruul deck is going to be mostly creatures so your chances of finding two creatures in four cards are high, especially later in the game when you’ve diminished the amount of land in the library. This is super useful when you find that you are being mana flooded but otherwise it is something you’ll likely avoid unless you are desperate for creatures; I’d much rather wait and trigger the ultimate.

  • -8: You get a 4/4 beast token (with trample) at the beginning of each end step. Ultimate abilities are often particularly vicious and this is no exception. Conjuring creatures in this way is very hard to answer as you get them at the end of your turn (ready for blocking) and at the end of your opponents turn (ready for attacking). It’s very similar to Tendershoot Dryad in that respect aside from the fact the Dryad can be killed thus stopping the creations; this is an emblem so it sticks around until the game ends. That will happen fairly quickly5.

I’ve played with many a planeswalker and never found one I’ve really loved. This is the one I’ve been waiting for and he’ll definitely be going in a new version of my dinosaur deck, if only for the mana and riot creation.

Clamare “baccor!”, et immittamque in vos 4/4 bestias bellum.6

  1. It’s my 8th copy of the card; 2 foils, 6 regular. ↩︎

  2. Reminder that up until Ravnica Allegiance I had never found a planeswalker in a booster; I’ve now found all 3 within my original 36-booster box! ↩︎

  3. Don’t do this. ↩︎

  4. Notable exceptions include such things as Commune with Dinosaurs and anything with the explore ability from the Ixalan block. ↩︎

  5. Funny story: at the RNA pre-release I attended, a guy found a copy of this card and was understandably very happy. In the last game of the first round against an Azorious deck, he was able to cast this and get it to ultimate which led to those of us now watching looking through our boosters for the 4/4 beast tokens as we knew he’d need them. The game had been going for a while and so time had been called and he was now on his last turn before it would be called a draw. He managed to get his opponent to 1 health (from 17) in that turn with four of these tokens. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough… though it would have been if he’d remembered to tap his Spear Spewer. The game ended a draw and nobody forgot to tap a Spear Spewer again! ↩︎

  6. Cry “Riot!”, and let loose the 4/4 beasts of war ↩︎

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