I had a couple of good cards today including Titanic Brawl, Gift of Strength, and Hackrobat but I’m consious I’ve not yet looked at any artifacts. Let me remedy that:

Gate Colossus

Gate Colossus is an 8/8 artifact creature that usually costs 8 Generic Mana. However, it has a few additional bits of text:

  • It costs 1 Generic Mana less for every gate you own
  • It can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less
  • If he’s in your graveyard, you can put him on the top of your library by playing a gate

To start with, I’ll make it clear that this card is only really applicable in a fairly narrow space; a deck built around gates. Without that, you are nearly always going to be paying 7 Generic Mana or 8 Generic Mana for an 8/8 that doesn’t really do much (and you’re unlikely to be able to pull him back from the graveyard). For that kind of mana, you’d much rather be playing something like Aggressive Mammoth, Ghalta, Primal Hunger, or Trollbred Guardian if you want a single big body1.

In a gates deck, though, this card really shines and is most likely to be your win condition alongside Gatebreaker Ram. Consider a deck in which nearly every land is a gate2; you can play this on turn 5 and still have 1 mana left over3. Later in the game you would be able to pay 0 Generic Mana for a copy which is a very dangerous proposition, especially when you can get them from your graveyard whenever you play a gate (which in this deck would likely be all your lands).

I have seen a few iterations of the gate deck already and I’m planning on working up my own fairly soon. The only issue I’ve seen them fall into is against decks with some form of milling due to the requirement that they be pulled from the graveyard to the top of your library rather than to your hand. For that reason, you generally want a number of card draw spells so you can play a gate and then play something like Opt to instantly draw it and then (presumably) play it for free.

Finally, is it just me or do the people staring at the Colossus in the artwork look like pirates? I had a look through Izzy’s artwork but the only pirate they’ve ever drawn was Protean Raider. I guess a pirate disguise would be a good disguise for a shapeshifter…

  1. Although I’d much rather play two cards spread over 8 mana most of the time. ↩︎

  2. Which isn’t tricky bearing in mind every booster from the last two sets has 1 gate in it… ↩︎

  3. You pay 3 for the Colossus as you have 5 gates, but the 5th one came in tapped so you have 1 mana left over. Alternatively, if you had 3 gates and 2 basic land then you could also play on turn 5 but with no mana left over. It isn’t possible to play it any earlier as all 11 gates enter the battlefield tapped. Wait, 11 gates? Yup, don’t forget Gateway Plaza. Oh, all right you could feasibly play it earlier. Turn 1: gate, Turn 2: Llanowar Elves + gate, Turn 3: gate, Turn 4: gate + Colossus. Can anyone do it earlier? ↩︎

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