In a rare bit of coincidence, today’s booster contained a repeat of the naming convention of yesterday’s card: two words beginning with R:

Repeated Reverberation

Repeated Reverberation is a 2 Generic ManaRedRed rare instant that allows you to create two copies of the next instant or sorcery you cast, or loyalty ability you activate this turn. If that ability or spell has a target, you can choose new targets for each of the copies should you wish to.

This is one of those funny cards that is absolutely mind-boggling as highlighted by the sheer amount of supplementary text associated with it on Gatherer. There are certain players who will look at this card and think “Can I copy a Repeated Reverberation”? Yes, yes you can and WotC have helpfully outlined the math for that1. There are all kinds of broken things you can do with it mostly surrounding Expansion // Explosion and Ral, Storm Conduit but lets look at some of the more likely scenarios.

Being able to copy any instant or sorcery twice is very useful and in red you are likely going to be thinking of burn spells to try and outright kill your opponent. Sure you can use this on something like Lightning Strike to do 9 damage to a player (which might win you the game at this point) but there are also powerful spells like Lava Axe and Sarkhan’s Catharsis which can do 15 damage. The best burn spell though is likely going to be Banefire as you can pump as much mana as you want into it should you be in the late game; And yes, X Generic Mana spells get copied at the value they were initially set at2.

Aside from burn spells, you can also do some card draw and zombie token creation with Honor the God-Pharaoh3, gain control of multiple targets and deal some damage with Bond of Passion, give a creature +9/+9 and trample with Run Amok, or pilfer your graveyard for three instants and three sorceries that you can play for free with Finale of Promise.

For me, though, instants and sorceries are a bit too tricky with this card. You need a lot of mana for good spells and mana is something you likely don’t have bearing in mind you are already down 2 Generic ManaRedRed. Instead, I think this works better with the planeswalker loyalty abilities which you can also copy. It’s important to note that you don’t get to triple the loyalty counter changes but even so this can work well in a number of cases, especially as you don’t have to pay any mana4:

There is quite a lot of scope there to inflict a game changing amount of damage to your opponent and that is for just 4 mana!

The only other thing I wanted to specifically note about this card is that it’s an instant so you can cast it on your opponent’s turn; just be sure you’re only going to cast another instant to duplicate as you obviously can’t use a planeswalker or sorcery when it’s not your turn. Also, it is worth noting that if your opponent counters the spell you cast after the Repeated Reverberation, the copies are not countered and will still occur. This probably doesn’t matter as in all likelihood your opponent will just counter the Repeated Reverberation in the first place but it might make a difference if they’ve decided to wait for some reason.

  1. If you cast this then cast another one, you’ll have three copies of it which thus give you six copies of whatever you cast next. This can continue on to fourteen copies and thirty copies if you somehow manage to have the mana and the maximum four copies of this card in your deck. ↩︎

  2. So if you cast Banefire for 7 Generic ManaRed, then the copies will similarly have X Generic Mana set to 7 Generic Mana for a total of 21 uncounterable and unpreventable damage to the face. ↩︎

  3. You only have to discard one card to cast this as the copies are created after costs have been paid hence why the X Generic Mana stuff works. This means you get to draw 6 cards and amass 3 for the low cost of 7 mana. ↩︎

  4. Assuming your planeswalker is already on the board which is kind of the point. ↩︎

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