Today’s booster was disappointing on two fronts; no new cards and it was the lowest value booster I think I’ve ever had coming in at just £0.68! Duplicates included such things as Flames of the Raze-Boar, Sunder Shaman, Growth Spiral, and Quench but I’m going to talk about the rare card in the pack:

Tome of the Guildpact

Tome of the Guildpact is a 5 Generic Mana artifact with two abilities:

  • Draw a card whenever you cast a multicoloured spell
  • Tap to add one mana of any colour

The first thing to note is that this card is only suitable for a very specific deck, namely one built around Hero of Precinct One. If you don’t have a load of multicoloured spells in your deck then this card is not for you.

The second ability could be useful for mana fixing, but you can already do that with Chromatic Lantern which is cheaper and allows you to make all of your lands any colour. Instead, I think that ability is there solely to help offset the cost of the card a little; for example, on turn 5 you can waste all your mana on this card and then immediately tap it to summon a Footlight Fiend for card advantage (and presumably spawn a 1/1 token with the hero as I talked about last week).

As it stands, there are only three cards in Standard that trigger something on the back of the casting of a multicoloured spell; this card, Hero of Precinct One, and Rampaging Monument1. They cover a good range of casting costs so definitely fit the curve nicely and you could end a game pretty quickly with all of these in play. Turn 5 is around the point you are going to be top-decking so to get card draw automatically when you’re going to be slinging spells around is excellent; they should, in theory, just replace themselves. As I mentioned previously, GRN and RNA have over triple the number of multicoloured spells that previous sets in Standard have2 so triggering this should be relatively easy.

I really need to write up a deck based around this “cast a multicoloured spell” mechanic as it seems like it could be very powerful. Between this article and the one on Hero of Precinct One I feel I’m most of the way there already!

  1. There are also a few similarities the other way in terms of casting a spell to trigger a draw, namely Beast Whisperer with creature spells, Niv-Mizzet, Parun when anyone casts an instant or sorcery, Sai, Master Thopterist when casting artifacts, Satyr Enchanter when casting enchantments, and Vanquisher’s Banner when casting a creature of a chosen type. ↩︎

  2. I expect this trend will continue with WAR. ↩︎

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