I feel like I’ve mainly been talking about Blue, White, and Black cards lately, and that trend isn’t about to slow down as I found another rare Blue card today!

Verity Circle

Verity Circle is a 2 Generic ManaBlue enchantment with two components:

  • If an opponent’s creature becomes tapped but isn’t being declared as an attacker (i.e. Llanowar Elves being tapped for mana) then you may draw a card
  • 4 Generic ManaBlue: Tap a non-flying creature thus triggering the card draw

I’m going to get the most obvious thing out of the way; card advantage = winning advantage. The more cards you have, the more choices you have, and therefore the more likely you are to actually win. That this lets you draw when your opponent is ramping with the most common ramp cards is great but it is also massively useful as a deterrent — for example, consider that your opponent might have Deathless Ancient in their graveyard; do they really want to give you 3 cards in order to bring it back to their hand?

There are several creatures that let you tap to draw a card be that by discarding a card (Rummaging Goblin), sacrificing an artifact (Sage of Lat-Nam), or sacrificing creatures (Priest of Forgotten Gods). You effectively nullify their card advantage by playing Verity Circle as you’ll always get a card and they are now at a disadvantage as they’ve had to tap a creature.

In fact, there are 74 creature cards currently that can be tapped for some reason. This is a powerful deterrent to those abilities being activated, especially if you have a couple of copies in play.

Beyond your opponent helping you by tapping their own creatures, there are a whole host of ways you can tap their creatures obviously starting with the 4 Generic ManaBlue on the card. 5 mana seems a bit pricey for tapping a non-flyer but the fact that you can use it repeatedly is obviously a boon. Consider that Territorial Hammerskull only taps one creature when you attack or that D’Avenant Trapper only taps a creature when you cast a historic spell and this doesn’t seem too bad. It doesn’t look great up against Depose // Deploy which lets you tap any creature and draw a card for just 2 mana but, again, that is just a one shot whereas you can do this repeatedly should you have the mana. It also can’t be overlooked that as an ability it can be triggered at instant speed; a great way of using up mana should you be holding some during your opponents turn for counters that then aren’t needed.

I like this card so much that I’ve added it to my milling deck. I haven’t had a game yet today where I’ve been able to actually use it so I’m reserving judgement but it feels like it will really shine alongside Psychic Corrosion!

This post is part of a weekday series where I open up a booster pack and pick a card to discuss. Whilst these are often the best cards from the set, I'll often pick one that is a bit niche or one that has cool artwork or flavour text. If there's a particular card you want me to take a look at, get in touch or join my Discord community.