Another pack without new cards but I did get a spare Incubation Druid which will help reduce the cost of completing a physical version of my Ruse of an Ooze deck. I also picked up useful copies of Clear the Mind and Gate Colossus but I’m going to talk about a Defender card I might end up using rather soon:

Wall of Lost Thoughts

Wall of Lost Thoughts is a 1 Generic ManaBlue 0/4 creature that mills your opponent for four cards when it enters the battlefield.

This is obviously going to play well in a milling deck, especially if you have some blink spells1 to help re-activate it whilst doing a fake chump block; bonus points if you use Blink of an Eye whilst you have a Drowned Secrets in play!

As a defender, this also slots well into decks built around High Alert and Arcades, the Strategist allowing this to effectively become a 4/4 with vigilance. It isn’t the best wall around2, but it is still immensely useful in the 2 mana slot. Unless you’re up against a flyer or something with deathtouch you will likely prevent your opponent from attacking on turn 2 and 3 giving you time enough to ramp into something to counter whatever threat comes along. If you need to sacrifice this later in order to stop a lot of damage, then so be it; if it survives until turn 4 it is has done it’s job as far as I’m concerned.

As ever, I love the artwork and flavour text for this card although I do wonder if it could have been improved by making it a “Gate of Lost Thoughts”; the gate type is particularly useful in Ravnica and thematically it seems like this is something you walk through to lose your thoughts; the artwork even shows a doorway! That said, maybe adding the option for it to tap for mana was seen as a step too far and that is likely a precondition to earn the gate type.

The reason that I’m particularly excited to see this card today is that tomorrow I’m going to be taking my milling deck to the Standard Showdown and I suddenly realised I was going to need a sideboard. With not much time to order in any specific cards, I’m limited to those cards that I already have. This card is one that I mentioned in my potential for sideboarding so a duplicate of it comes at a particularly useful time. I’ll definitely be testing this out in Arena tonight to see if it can earn it’s place in my deck tomorrow.

  1. That honour belongs to Amaranthine Wall and Junktroller↩︎

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